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sea-shuttle2Sea Station’s educational cruises and field trips will be  held aboard our 45-foot catamaran, Endeavour.  This boat is the only commercial passenger vessel based in Salem Sound with the ability to land on the Misery Islands.

Endeavour was built by the talented artisans at Corinthian Catamarans on the Anclote River that feeds the Gulf of Mexico.  The Anclote River wends its way through the mangrove forests of historic Tarpon Springs on Florida’s west coast.  Corinthian Catamarans have been deployed as passenger vessels the world over for more than 20-years.

We chose the name Endeavour in honor of 2 vessels.

Great Britain’s Endeavour:

The HMS Endeavour, also known as the HM Bark Endeavour, was the British Royal Navy research vessel commanded by Lieutenant James Cook from 1769 to 1771. His three voyages on Endeavour to the Pacific Ocean, including Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands, were monumental in the scope of their discoveries.  This same spirit of curiosity and exploration infuses our own plans for learning more about our own little patch of ocean.

America’s Endeavour:

The Space Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105), named for the HMS Endeavour, was the last orbiter ever built and the only one to be named by the American public in a nationwide contest involving students in elementary and secondary schools.  She was commissioned by the US Congress to replace the lost orbiter Challenger whose crew included the first school teacher bound for space. We salute the spirit of determination in the face of painful tragedy with the name Endeavour.

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